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Article 2: Differences between CEM and GL

There are two main exam boards for the 11+ exam:

GL and CEM

There are two main exam boards for the 11-plus exam:

GL Assessment and CEM Although they cover broadly the same topics but there are differences to the way the GL and CEM are assessed and times allocated on each subject.

What skills are tested?

In both GL and CEM 11-plus tests, there is a strong emphasis on English and maths core skills. For English, this will include grammar, punctuation and spelling, but particularly reading comprehension and vocabulary. For maths, this includes strong arithmetic skills and the ability to apply mathematical learning to problem-solving and data manipulation. For tests that include non-verbal reasoning/spatial awareness, logical skills will be sought, such as testing the ability to crack codes, visualise 3D shapes, etc.

Where is it taken?

  • CEM regions: Berkshire, Bexley, Birmingham, Devon, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Walsall, Warwickshire, Wirral, Wolverhampton
  • GL regions: Buckinghamshire (starting for 2018 testing/2019 admissions), Dorset, Kent, Lancashire & Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Medway, Northern Ireland, Wiltshire
  • GL and CEM regions: Devon, Essex, Hertfordshire, Trafford, Yorkshire
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