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Don’t let nerves and unfamiliarity reduce your child’s performance in the 11+ exam!! Give your child an important advantage over the competition and sign them up for a Mock Exam today.

Our Mock Exams are challenging and provide an excellent assessment of a student’s current position. Attending our 11+ Einstein exam will build a student's confidence, their answering speed and will cement their exam environment understanding.

We provide a detailed results within seven days of the exam, comparing your results with the rest of the students that year and highlighting the areas your child needs to work on.-Each Mock Exam is regularly updated to allow us to reflect all the changes that your local exam have made.

We do not copy questions from text books or out of date papers. Our questions are written by fully qualified teachers delivering the 11+.

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Einstein 11+ Intensive Courses

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Developed by teachers and tested on students about to sit the 11+ test.


Timed tests delivering updated and relevant 11+ questions


Students can create their own tests on the areas they want to practise.


Detailed feedback on performance and time.


Further support available with Mock Tests and Intensive Courses.


Test results are broken down region by region so you can see how students locally are doing.

The first complete online tutoring system that is created by actual teachers delivering the 11+.


My daughter was weak in verbal reasoning and the mounting pressure to clear 11+ exams was affecting both her confidence and health. Finally, Einstein 11+ came our way and things changed drastically. My daughter cleared the 11+ exam next year. I am certainly gonna recommend the website to all my friends.

Leena Parker

Being a parent I will suggest Einstein 11 plus website to everyone preparing for 11 plus. It helped my child in clearing 11 plus exam. Excellent online preparation platform The questions are nerve jangling and really challenging. I have enhanced my performance by several notches. Thanks Einstein 11 plus

Jim Birmingham

We are delighted to thank Einstein plus for helping my son clear 11+ exam. The practice papers and online mock tests gave him excellent practice giving the chance to secure place at the school of his choice

Alan John


Once you have registered as a parent you can add your children to your account, allowing you to control their account and see their test results.  You can also purchase our Mock Exams or Intensive Courses to give your child further help and boost their confidence.